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Workplace Wellness

The Power of Holistic Treatments for Employee Engagement and Well-being In today’s fast-paced work environments, focusing on employee engagement and workplace well-being is paramount. Businesses are increasingly recognising the importance of holistic treatments as powerful tools for promoting mental and physical wellness among employees. Absolute Holistics are now leveraging over a decade of expertise in […]

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Bamboo Massage – 7 Benefits

Bamboo Massage and Why its SOOOO AMAZING! Prepares the Body for Deep Tissue Awesomeness Picture this: Bamboo massage tools getting a spa day in a heating pad, reaching the perfect temperature. The warmth alone turns cold muscles into mush, giving therapists the green light to tackle problem areas faster than a pizza delivery in a

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Reflexology: The Transformative Benefits

Reflexology: The Transformative Benefits Helloooooo, seekers of well-being! Adele, here, the founder of Absolute Holistic! In this blog post, we will delve deep into the world of reflexology, unravelling the transformative benefits it holds and shedding light on the intricate Reflexology Map. But first, some history behind this ancient wellness practice. History of Reflexology Reflexology

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