retraining in holistic therapies

Stuck in a job you dislike? Retrain in Holistic Therapy

Retrain as a Holistic Therapist, its could be your ticket to a happier life.

In this blog post, I want to show you how Holistic Therapy Training is a viable business idea, and how upskilling is great for your mental health, AND how a complete career change is not only possible in a matter of weeks, but also affordable!

In the United Kingdom, a significant shift is well underway. According to Allbright a global community for women and careers, 1 in 4 women are setting up their own business, while 61% are dreaming of a complete career change.

It seems more people are seeking fulfilling careers that resonate with their passions and values.

Here’s an Idea – Don’t Quietly Quit – Retrain as a Holistic Therapist!

As someone who has been in the Holistic Therapy Training industry for over two decades, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of this field. For the past decade, I’ve had the pleasure of running my successful Training Academy Absolute Holistics and together, we’ve cultivated a vibrant community of Holistic practitioners across the South who hold mindfulness and professionalism at the core of what they do.

As a mother of three wonderful girls, my passion is to be a role model to them, embodying the values of passion, professionalism, and integrity. These are the core values of Absolute Holistics. It’s imperative my students leave the academy feeling confident and capable to start their own successful holistic businesses.

lady working at laptop but wants to retrain in wellbeing

Your inner voice is urging you to Re-train.  

Holistic Therapy Training doesn’t have to be a monumental ‘tower’ moment and doesn’t need to take months of planning.

That’s not to say it’s not scary. It is scary – terrifying in fact.

But I’m very confident, that if you look back over your life and remember all the scary things you’ve done, almost all will have led you somewhere better. This is no different. Let me explain…

If you’re still reading this, I suspect for years you’ve had a nagging sensation that there’s something else planned for you, urging you to trade in your Team’s meetings, office politics, and water cooler assassins for something more rewarding.

Perhaps, you’ve fantasised about handing in your notice & when your boss asks why, you excitedly explain you’re leaving to fulfil your life’s purpose to eradicate stress one massage at a time.

Or you’ve dreamed about telling Sharon in purchasing about your plan to single-handedly fight the war on unruly eyelashes by becoming a legend in the eyelash tint & and lift arena? She’d deffo book in.

People are looking for alternative therapies to improve their well-being, and YOU are surrounded by potential customers!

But Retraining is costly, Takes Too Long, I’m Too Old to Upskill! Wrong!

Before we get into ‘how-to’s’, read some of these mega inspirational real-life stories of others who have made the leap!

This inspiring article from the Guardian, gives real-life examples of ACTUAL humans making the transition. It tells us about Spencer Carter an ex-operations manager for a global company turned his passion for Archaeology into a full-time job.

Then there’s Tara Lewis ex Paramedic turned Beauty Therapist (you don’t say!) and Mays Al-Ali went from a successful career in advertising to a Yoga teacher in Ibiza. Along with other brave souls proudly quitting! See, it really is possible!

Wellness in the work

The Power of Upskilling

The Gallup’s global workplace report for 2022 showed only 9% of workers in the UK were engaged or enthusiastic about their work! That’s 9%! So, 91% aren’t engaged!! #girlmaths

“Quiet quitting” is a pervasive issue in our day and age. Individuals are enduring dissatisfaction without seeking change.

But job satisfaction is vital to overall well-being.

So be brave. Re-Train. Leave!

Self-development is an actual universally accepted thing we humans do. We have a thirst for knowledge and self-improvement.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) not only helps to pump those neurons, said in your best Mrs. Doubtfire voice, or what sensible adults call neuroplasticity BUT, it also has a positive impact on mental wellbeing by amplifying confidence and alleviating stress.

holistic therapy training

But Why Choose Holistic Therapy Training?

Well, let me tell you!

Holistic therapists have the unique opportunity to create a positive impact on people’s lives. It’s well documented that the benefits of massage for releasing endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine brought about by the power of touch, plus all that spa music, essential oils, and mood lighting must make holistic therapists among the most chilled workers in the world. *I have no actual data to corroborate this but if I’m anything to go by, I concur.

But can I Build a Successful Business?

Starting your own holistic therapy business is an achievable dream. The pandemic led to a rise in mental health issues, resulting in people wanting more access to new or additional well-being support. According to the British Beauty Council is a growing market, with the UK beauty industry alone contributing £1.4bn to the GDP in 2022. The top treatments to earn big in 2023 include crystal healing massage, lymphatic drainage, facial, and LED Light facial therapy (htt)

How does Holistic Therapy Training work with us?

It’s so easy!

The perfect place to start would be to consider our entrance courses such as Swedish massage, Indian head massage, or Thai foot massage, or our holistic courses such as our Reflexology course, Meditation Training course, and Crystal and Chakra Training Course.

Our Holistic Therapy Training Courses start from as little as £159 up to £299.

The courses last from 1 day to 2 days, with case studies and homework required.

We also offer a Business Setup Course which is online and gives you all you need to know to keep you regulated, insured, and up and running! We also have a members area with news, discounts and more training.


So, retraining really is possible, you don’t need to take a year out or empty your life savings. In no time at all, you could have a new set of skills, that just happen to be in HIGH DEMAND. Join a thriving and supportive community AND in a year’s time, you’ll look back, be incredibly proud of all you’ve achieved, and wonder what on earth took you so long!

Why not schedule a free consultation with me to discuss how our Holistic Therapy Training can help you start on your journey to building your very own Holistic Therapies Business.