How to choose your ideal beauty training course

A career in the beauty industry can be extremely lucrative, whether you’re an employee at a beauty salon or if you ultimately own your own small business. The projected global revenue for the spa and beauty salon industry is likely to be US$190 billion in 2024. This means that embarking on a beauty training course can offer a stable, illustrious future to you.

If a career in the beauty industry has been your lifelong dream or you have recently decided to make a decisive career change, choosing the right beauty course is imperative to ensure that you maximise your potential and optimise your career for the long term. Initially, it can be daunting to choose from the multitude of courses that are on offer.

So, how can you decide which are the right beauty training courses for you?

Find an accredited beauty training course

It is very important to find beauty training courses that are accredited by recognised and respected bodies such as the Guild of Beauty Therapists, professional beauty direct and International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. This means that your qualification has been validated and ensures that you will be trained to the highest industry standards. Ultimately, this will allow you to deliver the best service to your clients when you start work.

Choose your speciality

When you train in the beauty industry, there are a variety of specialities that you can choose, but it is often a good idea to take multiple courses so that you have a wider skillset. Consequently, that can give you more scope for finding work when you have achieved your qualifications.

Some areas of training to consider are:

  • Nails
  • Hair removal
  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Massage


Training includes learning basic and advanced techniques for performing manicures and pedicures. You will also learn how to apply gel nail polish. In courses such as manicure and pedicure training, there is a focus on aftercare and general health and safety when performing the procedures.

Hair removal

Courses will teach you how to perform waxing. A waxing course emphasises important features of beauty training, including familiarity with health and safety, contraindications and the necessary equipment required. You will also learn about more practical considerations, such as procuring insurance.

Face treatments

Requiring no previous experience, facial training courses focus on the kinds of products most ideally suited to treatments as well as instructing on the benefits of natural products and a good skincare routine.


With a focus on eyelash extensions and eyelash and eyebrow tinting, it provides comprehensive and in-depth training on many common treatments. An eyelash extension course can teach you the correct techniques for performing the popular treatment, ensuring that you fully comprehend all safety requirements.


With a variety of different types of massage, including Swedish, aromatherapy, reflexology and even baby massage, there is an extensive choice of courses when it comes to massage. It always helps to have more than one string to your bow, however, so there is no reason why you can’t enjoy learning a variety of massage types.

One-to-one or group classes?

It is also important to think about whether you would prefer one-to-one training or group learning. The advantage of the former is that it is tailored specifically to your needs and allows you to learn at your own pace without any pressure. However, it can be more expensive than group training. Group training generally costs less and also allows you to bounce ideas off your fellow students and find mutual support alongside them.

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