Advantages of a career in massage

What are the advantages of a career in massage therapy?

A career in massage therapy can be an attractive option for many, with massage training often far quicker and less costly to complete than conventional college degrees. What’s also appealing is how swiftly newly qualified massage therapists are able to secure employment, getting hands-on in their new profession and earning an income with their skills straightaway.

While these are only two of the advantages that entice people to become experts in massage, in the following sections we’ll take an in-depth look at the potential career of a certified massage therapist after they complete their training. Become a massage therapist by heading over to our massage training course page.  

Become a Massage Therapist and gain a Career with Purpose

Studies have shown that professionals who feel their work has meaning are more satisfied in their roles. As a massage therapist, you’ll be helping others in many ways, from relieving anxiety and pain to assisting them through important times in their lives, like during pregnancy. You may even help them overcome an injury or enable them to cope with a disability. Whatever massage principle you study, if you are seeking a career with purpose, you may find being a therapist the perfect option.

Working in a peaceful environment

Once practising your new skills as a fully trained therapist, you can choose how you work. Whether you decide to operate via spas and dedicated health centres or stay mobile and visit clients in their homes, you’ll find that most environments where massage is carried out make for tranquil and peaceful workplaces. Creating a calm atmosphere is essential to keep clients comfortable and relaxed, but it also makes for an appealing place to spend your working day.

Enjoying job security – become a Massage Therapist  

Massage skills, once attained, will never go out of date, making training a sound investment. Massage therapy is a growing market and the demand for qualified massage therapists is increasing. Unlike many professions that are seeing staff replaced with automation, traditional massage techniques are timeless, meaning that therapists will no doubt be carrying on their skilled and hands-on work for the foreseeable future.

Working flexibly

If being able to operate with agility is important, then you’ll find the flexible hours of a massage therapist a perfect fit. Therapists who stay self-employed can enjoy working outside of regular nine to five hours, but part-time schedules are readily available if you wish to operate under the umbrella of an established spa or centre. Being a massage therapist can be an excellent career option when you have additional commitments such as raising younger family members.

Room for growth

A career in massage therapy can see qualified therapists expand their client base in time, securing steadier income. Specialising in specific forms of massage can also allow therapists to tailor their offerings and raise prices, and the more disciplines they learn, the wider their circle of clients becomes.

Keeping physically active

Finally, while other career paths like those involving office work will mean people remain sedentary for eight hours a day, working as a professional massage therapist will ensure you stay active. Sedentary lifestyles can cause a whole horde of negative health issues; however, massage therapists must use their physical strength daily to help their clients, ensuring they keep fit and healthy without ever needing to set foot inside a gym.

Qualified training experts at your service

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